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Zendar is hiring SW engineer with emphasis in Scientific Computing
8 months ago | hide
About: At Zendar, we are working on a high-resolution imaging RADAR system that allows self driving cars to see through fog, rain and snow. We are a team of software engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and researchers pushing the boundaries of what a radar can see.

Job Description: We are looking for a software engineer with a scientific computing background to join our growing team in Berkeley, CA. The candidate will be responsible for the development of Zendar’s real-time imaging software and localization pipeline. The candidate will also be responsible for understanding research grade code in signal processing and optimizing it for a production system. A solid understanding of performance tradeoffs between runtime and precision is a must.

Required Qualifications: BS in a STEM degree with 3+ years experience. Working knowledge of modern C++ (we use C++14). Working knowledge of Python3 and associated numerical libraries (Numpy, Scipy).

Desired Qualifications: Knowledge of CUDA programming. Experience in signal processing. Experience translating research code into performant and robust production code.

What We Have to Offer: Daily catered lunch and a stocked fridge. Convenient location in Berkeley, CA. Competitive salary, benefits and equity.

Please send your application to jobs@zendar.io

Zendar is an equal opportunity employer. Zendar participates in E-Verify.

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