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Dynamic doesn't behave the same as JS typing, you're still using CLR object model and typing rules, you're just losing compile time checks - it gets complicated really fast if you want to do meta programming even with DLR and it's not really ergonomic in C# (like casting/boxing primitive types, etc.)

Think about AutoMapper and then compare it to a TS solution using spread operator. How much boilerplate automapper crap do you see in your typical enterprise C# project ?

And that's not even touching on functional features, like you can't even have top level functions in C#, it's "one class per file dogma" + multiple wasted boilperplate lines and scrolling. I recently rewrote a C# program to F# - didn't even modify much in terms of semantics (OK having discriminated unions and pattern matching was a huge win in one case), just by using higher level operators and grouping stuff - line count went down to 1/3 and was grouped in to logical modules. I could read one module as a unit and understand it in it's context instead of having to browse 20 definition files with random 5 line type definitions. I could achieve similar improvements by rewriting to TS or Python.

C# adds overhead all over the place, people are just so used to it they don't even see it as useless overhead but as inherent problems they need solve - like how many of the popular enterprise patterns are workarounds around language limitations ?

When I bring this up people just assume I'm lazy about writing code - but I don't really care about writing the code out - tools mostly generate the boilerplate anyway. Having to read trough that noise is such productivity drain because instead of focusing on the issue at hand I'm focusing on filtering out the bloat from the codebase.

This sounds like a personal preference for dynamic vs strongly typed.

I could rewrite your entire comment in reverse about how I find C# highly expressive and readable while dynamic languages or Kotlin (blech) are a mess of inconsistent whack-a-doodle experimentation.

But my opinion is useless.

The value in any platform is productivity and if any given team can be productive, it doesn't matter if it's COBOL, RPG-3, Pascal, BASIC, or a functional language like F# or plain old JavaScript.

Actually I like static typing, I mentioned I rewrote a project in F# in like 1/3 of the code from C# solution.

It's more that C# is static typing done poorly IMO - a relatively limited type system that adds overhead compared to dynamic languages or more expressive static languages.

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