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I think you realize fighting your company culture may be short term effective but usually not sustainable.

Side note, correctness is generally a virtue, but consensus can be too. Fast and wrong decisions can be better than slow and right ones, if they can be corrected.

Oh, definitely. I alluded to that in my post; when dealing with subjective things, better to quickly reach consensus than spend time worrying about correctness. I.e., bikeshedding; better to just say "Yellow", and have everyone else agree, than to spend a lot of time on it. Sure, there -may- even be a 'right' answer to what color the bike shed should be, but it probably doesn't matter that much. Consensus is more valuable in that case than correctness.

Most such values are a sliding scale of which you prioritize, and different priorities are better in different situations. People's feelings vs transparency, for instance. Both are important, but where exactly you fall depends on a number of factors.

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