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WiFi Hacking in the Cloud – OSCP Like Video Course for WiFi Security
2 points by rootsh3ll 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite
WiFi security video course description: https://rootsh3ll.com/wireless-security-video-course/

Note: The course will contain

1. Downloadable videos 2. WiFi CTF labs (Exclusive to each student) 3. WiFi Challenges that’ll push you towards better 4. Cloud based WiFi hacking (sniffing/cracking/post exploitation) training and CTF.

Having exclusive cloud labs for training/CTF will eliminate the need of external/USB wireless card and routers. All you need is a working machine/browser and an internet connection.

It’ll be a 12-weeks course. In case you feel you won’t be able to complete it. know that you’ll have lifetime access to videos and the student forums.

People interested in a good looking landing page to please the employer may go here: https://rootsh3ll.com/WiFi-hacking-in-cloud-course

After preorder limit is reached the course prize will be doubled to $197. Only 100 seats are opened for enrolment.

For any query, you can contact me on harry@rootsh3ll.com at any time.

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