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> After training myself for years to not send emails

Why would you do that? That's a recipe for miscommunication and mis-coordination in any country.

I'm a geek, I have a massive preference for written communication. Salesfolk, marketroids and other species of colleague prefer verbal communication. I had to train myself to call some people and email others, in other words to use their preferred communication method rather than mine. It worked a lot better.

In my (limited) experience email should be used for either:

* non-urgent

* not-that-important

* things you want (others) to remember

* communications you may want to point your finger later on (proof/contract details etc)

For everything else phone and in person communication are vastly superior and should be preferred.

I always wonder if this is a personality thing... I vastly prefer email (or slack/chat rooms) over phone / in person verbal, with some exceptions for certain types of brainstorming / planning.

I like to provide my thoughts on a topic in written form up front so people have a chance to think about it, and like the same in response.

Plus having a written record of decisions and even the thinking process is so helpful.

I also prefer emails... but this is not a personality thing. The email simply does not have enough dimension to replace normal talking.

You cannot express yourself because there is no body language and cannot talk things through because of the feedback loop. You cannot reflect to jokes or ask about the wellbeing on seeing someone coughing. You can ignore a pressed question by simply not answering - this is very hard to do in person. You cannot see from the eyes of the other person if he's really listening or just seems to be really tired.

It's great to have an email describing what I have to do and it is great for talking to someone you are familiar with. But it is a bad idea to use it for client communication or for doing business in general.

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