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I don't think they'd ever admit to focussing on stability because that would imply the OS isn't already stable.

But that's exactly how they marketed Snow Leopard (macOS 10.6). They even said it would have "no new features", instead focusing on making it faster and more reliable.

Fair enough, Snow Leopard marketing was before my time noticing Apple's existence. I've just noticed that in general they never admit that they've done anything wrong or made any mistakes, and it seems hard to market a release for stability without somehow admitting to existing mistakes.

They joyously announced zero new features for Snow Leopard over Leopard and it has been known as the most excellent release of OSX, ever (before the iOS-ification of the system and deep iCloud integration).

SJ had plenty of moments where he admitted mistakes, together with the new solution. IMO he was much more engaged with user feedback than Cook/Ive/Federighi.


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