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Seems like some people still got this ongoing "war" concept in their minds between major desktop OSes. They demand breathtaking features that will make them outstanding placed side by side with competition and all what they're getting are gimmicks, changes for sake of change. And I don't find that surprising either; for more than a decade OS are feature complete and you can do your everyday chores no matter if it's Windows, OSX or any *nix with DE of choice - the difference is in style that mentioned are giving; so it's hard to give something really meaningful that would change the workflow, especially when majority of people are more happy with mobile envirnoments

I'd disagree. I can think of multiple feature that only OSes can improve upon, not apps.

One is, creating a common platform for apps to share data, live data, with one another. By live data, I mean editing a spreadsheet in Excel, and seeing it change a chart in Photoshop, instantaneously. Not after saving the file. Not after hitting a refresh button somewhere.

I know, this has been possible for decades, but there are no apps taking advantage of it, mainly because these things need a common platform with well-defined standards.

This is something that OSes are best positioned to implement, but none do.

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