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Notch decreases function and is aesthetically displeasing.

3.5 mm = 1) there is no way a wireless medium will ever have better throughput than a wired medium over a superb DAC - ever, 2) dongle, 3) extra battery worry now for BT.

OpenGL, I will grant you that one, since both Metal and/or Vulkan are a vast improvement on OpenGL.

> Notch decreases function

I know that some people like to say this, but it's pretty clearly wrong, and it makes you look unobservant when you repeat it. It takes about five seconds and two phones to demonstrate this. The standard top section on every phone, Android and iOS alike, is a dedicated status section with little system icons with wide gaps of unused blank space between them. Every phone, every time. A notched phone just puts the camera directly between those icons instead of putting unused pixels there. It doesn't take a genius to see that un-notched phones have both larger top bezels and more pixels wasted in the status area. The notch doesn't cut into the screen. The screen extends up around the camera and puts the status icons on the horns.

> and is aesthetically displeasing

All of the tens of people I know who have notched phones say they love it and don't notice the notch. So, maybe to you, but it seems like the market is speaking.

It might benefit you to look at a 3rd phone. Because my top notification bar is always full. So no, they are not clearly wrong. Or better yet, maybe it just comes down to individual preference!? I personally never thought I'd see someone trying to justify the loss of screen space as a "win". But here we are. And also, the market is still out on it. Until the majority of phones are doing a notch, the market hasn't spoken. Apple hasn't been the leader in smartphone sales in many years now. They aren't even #2 anymore.

Notched phones have gained screen space, not lost it. Without the notch, the new screen area around the notch would not be screen area at all.

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