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> Each website that is tracking you now could use it's own cookie to record user behavior and then send it to FB/Google on the backend to link them later.

I dunno if this is realistically practical. Right now the reason people do this is basically because of a combination of a perception that doing so adds value to the page and the fact that it's incredibly trivial because the web frontend platform is relatively uniform.

Having to add and maintain a backend shunt for the data though? That's not something that's going to creep on to every single website in existence like facebook like buttons have. Hell, it requires you to even have a backend, which many sites that have these buttons barely even have.

With the sudden increase of data collection checkboxes in the last few days since the GDPR is in effect, I noticed more than one website claiming that for technical reasons I can't opt out of having my data resold unless I enable third-party cookies "to store my preferences". Yeah, right, I thought. But I really don't know if that's shady or just technically inept (likely both). Perhaps as you suggest many websites simply don't have the infrastructure to do anything non-trivial in the backend.

CDN proxies and hosting companies are rapidly adding these features. It won't affect the long-tail, but those sites don't get much traffic anyway.

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