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Fellow Atom user here. According to Lee Dohm, Open Source Community Manager at GitHub, "Atom remains key to GitHub. Our product roadmap is set, and the team will continue all of their work." [0]

[0] https://github.com/atom/atom/issues/17454#issuecomment-39442...

A product roadmap is set until it changes. "I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further".

Besides, Microsoft has enough PR skills to avoid unpleasant announcements about redundant products for a while after an acquisition they know to be worrying.

In a buyout, always be sensitive to situations where promises of status quo come from someone who is not in control of the situation.

Quite common for new owners to let old employees make promises they can’t keep and then make them disappear and change plans.


Not saying that Microsoft has a plan to 'embrace extend extinguish', but if they did, this is how they would go about it.

> and the team will continue all of their work

Until they aren't. I really don't see MS putting work into two code editors that are in direct competition with each other. I'm sure they'll let the dust settle for a while, but Atom will vanish from Microsoft's product list. No doubt.

I actually really like Visual Studio Code, I could imagine a great product coming out of the marriage of Code and Atom. I could also imagine infighting killing Atom, but I’ll try to be optimistic.

Until the deal closes.

Then... who knows.

The really nasty changes always seem to come at the beginning of the second fiscal year after acquisition. So meet me back here in 18 months and we’ll talk.

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