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The writing was on the wall since they stopped updating it (OpenGL) 5 years ago.

True, but it'd be a shame to lose out on the library of legacy software and games.

Edit: and XQuartz (X11) with OpenGL comes in handy once in a while too...

I mean... it looks like there's at least one commercial option for OpenGL on Metal (MoltenGL).

Also, it seems to me that the better option in the long run for legacy game support is to just run a VM for the highest degree of compatibility.

Yep, I bet the MoltenGL guys are throwing a major party right now. I wonder what kind of effort it would be to hook up Mesa to a Metal backend...?


EDIT: As a follower of https://mesamatrix.net/ I don't think it would be unreasonable to say about 3 years to get something that kind of works, five for something semi reasonable, and 8 for something at modern open gl level.

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