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> I really would love to see how XCode is able to display anything for binary Objective-C libraries, beyond pure Assembly.

Indeed it only shows disassembly. I was frustrated that VS wouldn't even show me that. Others write that newer VS lets you enable the showing of assembly.

Anyway, I am spoiled by Java, where I can step into standard library code (which is in Java), can decompile to produce pretty nice Java source where the source is not available, and IntelliJ, which automatically downloads the source where it is publicly available. It's quite wonderful. But I am guessing you already know this, judging from your profile.

To me, not being beholden to documentation is an incredible freedom. The ability to just pop open the source to understand the tool you're working with is indispensable once you've experience that freedom. Microsoft developers don't have this ability, and having had it, it's hard to imagine being without.

You can see .NET bytecode since version .NET was in beta with ildasm, distributed with .NET SDK tooling.

ILSpy and Reflector are almost as old as .NET itself.

Visual Studio always had an Assembly view since version 1.0, and there is always WinDbg as alternative, including macro commands to dump .NET JIT information.

Sorry, but it looks like that you haven't properly explored Windows development.

Oh I definitely make no claim to having explored Windows development.

Only plus point you made for XCode was de compiled sources which is already available in vs. I think people like to rant about ms stuff.

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