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Kallithea doesn't support SVN, only RhodeCode does which Kallithea forked. SVN support amongst many other security fixes and features were added at a later stage into RhodeCode.

On Kallithea activity and release is better than rhodecode and truly open source under software conservancy. Kallithea do support svn and it has moved on, with turbogears 2 support and now the theme is also modern based on bootstrap.

I created RhodeCode, and know for sure Kallithea does not support SVN.

- RhodeCode is based on newer and more modern than turgobears2 framework, called Pyramid.

- RhodeCode had 20 releases since 2017, Kallithea had two.

- RhodeCode fixed many security issues that Kallithea didn't, not to mention dozen of features that RhodeCode has but Kallithea doesn't, e.g pull requests updates, integrations framework

How is that a better activity and release?

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