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> VS Code

you don't know anyone using vs code?

in all the circles I know, it's the new de-facto goto for text editing heavier than notepad.

I used Sublime Text for the longest time; tried Atom but wasn't thrilled. After 2 days of using VS Code, I uninstalled Sublime Text. VS Code is an excellent tool.

It is a shame though, because Sublime Text was/Is a great editor, but it's really tough to out compete a dedicated team of paid developers.

No, I don't.

Vim, Sublime, Atom, Eclipse-based IDE...

Not once have I met anyone using VS code on any platform.

For sure! I've managed to get a good chunk of people I work/coauthor with to use it (and like it!), and I've observed an increasing number of my students using it as well (in classes on ML and numerical computing).

I think it got popular fast in the JS-heavy communities.

I'm running it on Ubuntu and like it much better than pycharm for python development.

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