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> Meanwhile, I'd really like for people to stop hating Microsoft just because "Microsoft".

To be fair, Microsoft need to stop doing stuff that makes people dislike them. Microsoft aggressively court developers who don't use their platforms, but if you are a Microsoft partner or worse, a mere Windows user, you don't always feel so loved.

Case in point: ads in Windows 10.

Mod parent up. I bought a Surface Pro thinking I should give Windows 10 Pro a chance with WSL on it. Even the “Pro” version comes with bubble gum jam games on it, ads, spyware / telemetry and the like. No way of removing it. I wiped Windows 10 after a week and installed Ubuntu.

Off topic, but how is the experience with Ubuntu on the surface. I love the hardware and the pen of the surface pro, but Xubuntu has been my daily driver for a few years now, and I can't imagine going back to Windows.

My main requirement is for a good experience with the pen...

Pretty bad. I tried using Ubuntu on my Surface Laptop and gave up pretty much immediately. The problem is a lack of drivers. I couldn't get the keyboard working and the device would never "sleep", so I didn't even try seeing if a pen would work. The touchscreen was functional.

Not even a viable option.

Shame really since the techn isn't bad these days.

Are these only available in Home edition? I'm in pro edition and have ever seen any ads. I also use ClassicShell start menu so maybe that's why I never see it...

Ads are definitely present in Pro. Perhaps you're just not calling them ads. In the start menu you get "recommended apps", explorer pops up "recommendations" for OneDrive, and when you switch your default browser to Chrome it nags you that you should really give Edge a chance, to name a few things people are referring to when they talk about Windows 10 having ads.

Fortunately, there's free third party software that fix a lot of Microsoft's bullshit: https://www.oo-software.com/en/shutup10.

Or you delete Cortana and completely break all of that bullshit. Though it has made it so a Windows 10 update will no longer apply, which is a frustrating side effect but one I am willing to live with.

They're present even in Enterprise versions. The worst part? Every time you upgrade you get all the garbage back: games, ads, etc.

I was stupid when testing W10 and didn't backup W7 so I was left with W10. My solution? Bought MBP's for my whole team, and buying more as we grow. I've been MS since ms-dos and walked thru all the versions since 95 (excluding Vista), but now I'm happy Apple guy. All it took was Win 10. :/ I'm kinda missing Win UI but OMG how much I hated W10...I felt so betreyed :(

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