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On Ubuntu you can install it on every computer in your house and still pay zero dollars and zero cents. LTS releases let you use the same core packages for the next 5 years.

Your OS can be configured to pull updates not only from official Canonical sources or those blessed by them but also any sources you please including your own. You can put up your own packages and use them just for you or promote them to all of planet earth. If you don't like a particular package or a particular version you can not update just that package although you might be unable to update others if they require the new package in question.

If you feel strongly about it you can fork and support old versions indefinately or take the package in your own direction.

Further you can even fork the entire ecosystem and not even call it Ubuntu anymore.

On Windows home you can't even decide not to update. You have to pay $99 per computer for that privilege and might have to pay again if you update say the motherboard. The windows store is only for apps that MS designates at its privilege and supposing you agree to give MS almost 1/3 of your revenue for a privilege it can revoke at its descretion at any time.

You can't fork Edge if you don't like how it works and if you could you wouldn't have the right to distribute such let alone create an alternative store/source usable by all for people to install/update such a creation.

You have pretty much misunderstood the entire point of open source software.

Best of all, feel entitled to voice the opinion about what developers should focus on, being angry when they don't, without paying anything back.

>You have pretty much misunderstood the entire point of open source software.

What? That's a stretch of a comment from saying both the Ubuntu and Windows behaviour of updates is the same out of the box.

How software is managed is fundamental to the ecosystem.

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