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I was looking at draft.sh from the Azure open source team and the current (very early) version literally only works on Mac. The only install method listed is Homebrew.

Actually we have release assets for Mac, Windows, and Linux with support for 64-bit and ARM architectures. Someone from the community added Chocolatey support not too long ago. :)

Disclaimer: I am one of the core maintainers of Draft.

Oh, nice! Please update your docs. Releasing code is worthless if no one knows how to get it.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm currently going through the docs and re-vamping them as we speak in https://github.com/Azure/draft/pull/770. For now https://github.com/Azure/draft/blob/master/docs/quickstart.m... is the canonical list of options to install Draft.

Awesome thanks. Would you recommend WSL for my dockering on Win 10 or stick to Powershell.

Do what tickles your fancy.

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