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I do have a bit of experience in acquisitions, and revenue is king, for which you have to move fast; changing the stack of an already working system would be suicide. Definitely expect more native GitHub integrations in Azure, and Azure first tools.

I have absolutely no knowledge of the deal.

I’m commenting on the tech stack discussion, given my experience in the company and if GitHub joins, I’m 99.99% sure they will stay on the tech stack that they have today. Look at LinkedIn, it is still running on Scala.

It's generally not a good idea to make unofficial statements about the choices your employer might take in the future, especially if your employer is a public company. There are some weird legal things that can happen. (e.g. If you say, "Microsoft is going to support technology XYZ" and then someone buys shares in technology XYZ because you said this, and then Microsoft doesn't do this, are you liable?)

Thank you for this, I should have put a disclaimer.

Minor clarification: LinkedIn primarily runs on Java not Scala.

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