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Have you ever heard of Travis McGee? John D. MacDonald wrote about him. Quite a bit. Travis worked in "marine salvage", recovering lost or stolen property for a commission. His life plan was to take his retirement in small batches, as his life went along. Rather than waiting till later to take it all at once. Kind of an odd set of ideas about what is important in life.

Prior to going full time (such as it is) for BCC, Patrick worked at a big freaking enterprise working sixty hours each week. Often more. He built BCC on five hours per week.

So now his life has improved in measurable ways, and looks to keep on improving.

The thing that might be easy to miss about Patrick is that he is very intentional. You might call it goal-directed. Disciplined. I think it might be fair to say that he knows what direction to take his life in, what will make him happy.

And one thing that he is unlikely to do is to confuse what works for him and what others think should work for him.

It took me quite a few years (more than Patrick has so far) that being smart is not all it cracked up to be. Being smart works when it brings you wealth.

There is a common confusion that money and wealth are essentially the same thing. To my way of thinking, wealth includes to work on what you enjoy or love, to have choices how you spend your time, not having to agonize about having a roof over your head, to have family and friends to cherish and that cherish you, to have the respect of peers. It would appear to me that Patrick is on the road to wealth.

The fact that Patrick's version of success doesn't seem to include feverish addictions to money and fame has apparently made the author of this blog post "violently ill".

Were I to look to choose an example of how to live, I would be more likely to recommend Patrick, and I would recommend that the author of the blog post take a second look at his take on this topic.

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