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So glad to hear it, thank you. Do let me know if you encounter bits that are not clear or if you see ways the lectures could be improved. BTW the lectures were all originally 1 hour and 25 minutes - I just broke them into pieces because everyone tells me that is what web viewers like. Is that working for you guys, or would you prefer to watch a whole 1.5 hour lecture not broken into bits?

I don't think pieces are necessarily what web viewers like, but it increases the potential virality of the video by breaking a broad lecture into tweetable, sharable soundbites, thus videos of this format become the de facto web video format.

I personally prefer long lectures, but if social media growth is what you are after, I'd keep it as it is.

Perhaps it is my internet addled reward circuits, but I personally prefer the shorter videos for learning because it helps me compartmentalize and break down topics for understanding.

Yes, the pieces are just perfect. Any good lecture series on major sites like Coursera have it that way. 1.5 hour lecture give me a good sleep.

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