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Watched about an hour so far and this is fabulous. The talks very clearly outline the bounds of the problem space (known and unknown) and then start going region to region. The goal is to perceive the texture of the knowledge domain. This is my favorite way to learn about a subject.

Looks like it's gonna be a nerdy Saturday night binge watching these. Too bad there isn't a Netflix for this kind of stuff

Not quite the Netflix of online lectures, but there is http://videolectures.net. Quite some good stuff on there, e.g. lectures and conference videos on AI and robotics. The website feels very web 1.0 though.

Just finished the first video. She's a great story teller and very engaging. I'm really delighted to have been made aware of this.

If you have Amazon Prime, they offer a channel called The Great Courses that I believe still has a free trial. It has lots of high quality lectures on a wide range of topics.

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