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Your comment is significantly uncivil and seems to indicate that you take a capricious attitude towards others.

I deny that any part of pointing out the hypocrisy, inefficiency and myopia of tech hiring in general, including specific parts in machine learning, is "whining."

Rather, speaking clearly about how ridiculous it is happens to be progress, however small, toward correcting glaring social wrongs in our myopic industry.

And finally, none of this is in connection to my own job. I manage a team of machine learning engineers in a large enterprise company. From my own experiences earlier in my career, from some of the battles I have had to fight to protect my current team members, and from some of the horror stories my team members and job candidates I've interviewed have shared with me, my general certainty that our industry gets it completely backwards has been informed.

Between this topic and the abject failure of open-plan offices, I cannot think of any more worthwhile tech industry topics to continuously and unrelentingly "whine" about, and feel that such "whining" is in fact a civic responsibility for any mature critical thinker, and indeed I am quite proud of it, and hope to keep it up with ebullience.

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