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Draftable | Multiple positions available | REMOTE (worldwide) or Melbourne, Australia | Full-time | A$100k - A$200k | https://draftable.com/careers (ads for these positions not up yet)

We hired a remote engineer from HN earlier this year and that’s working out great.

Draftable makes document comparison software accessible to everyone. We’re looking for two engineers:

- Senior Engineer (.NET, JS) - you will lead the development of our desktop product, Draftable Desktop.

- Algorithm Engineer - you will work on improving the document comparison algorithms which power all of our products.

We prefer remote hires, but we’re open to an on-site hire in our Melbourne office.

We’re looking for experienced and self-reliant engineers. We expect you to work a full time load of 38 hours per week and to be very productive during that time.

We know you have a life outside work, so we will respect your non-working and family time. We don’t expect you to make work your life.

Our tech stack: .NET (mostly C# with some F# and some C++), Python/Django, Javascript/React, PostgreSQL, Redis and RabbitMQ.

We’re easy-going and easy to work with. We’re developer-led and have a flat structure. We are collaborative, and we expect you to take an active role in evolving our engineering culture. We like writing things down. We love Slack. We launch things as soon as they’re ready. We do things right the first time, even if it takes a little longer. We don’t have much technical debt.

We'll post more details and application instructions at https://draftable.com/careers within the next few days.


I am interested in the position. Given my related experience and excellent capabilities, I would appreciate your consideration for this job opening. Seeing your requirements, I think my skills are an ideal match for this position.

My Qualifications:

Independent full time freelancer Extensive experience in modern Javascript and PHP. Experience building SPAs, as well as building full stack web app. Frontend: Angular, React/React-Native, Vue, Redux, Mobx etc. Backend: Node, Laravel, Django, Golang, etc. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Complete in-home development environment and reliable Internet. Responsibility, Dedication, Transparency, Responsiveness, balance of Fast and Best, Eager to lean newest techs. I appreciate your taking the time to review my credentials and experience. Again, thank you for your consideration.


Eugene Zheng

PS: Portfolio: https://github.com/eugene-zheng0208/Portfolio

Job ads are now up.

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