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I dunno, I’ve been absolutely delighted that Patreon has made it possible to pay my rent by drawing arcane comics about robot ladies with Phillip K Dick problems and cartoon animals in space. Especially since I don’t have to crank out product every single day without any break like these Youtube kids do; I can actually have downtime to go for a walk in the park, watch a movie, play a video game... these folks sound absolutely miserable in part because they are constantly working on stuff for their channels, without a chance to build up a buffer, or ever do anything else besides bars survival necessities.

To extend your analogy, these folks have to ride that horse all day, every day, from dawn to dusk, and they are starting to get some serious saddle sores.

(And for what it’s worth, when I believed all the advice from web comics folks from the pre-RSS era that you have to set a schedule and stick to it, no matter what, I was starting to get pretty miserable. When shifted my official update schedule from “Tuesday/Thursday” to “aim for two days a week, don’t fret if life gets in the way”, my job satisfaction shot way up.)

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