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Well, I'm happy that people like me and are invested in my success. I'm also a little discomfited by the psychoanalysis. I'm pretty happy with where I am in life, have a pretty decent career trajectory at the moment, and life is improving in non-career ways which matter more to me anyhow.

That's about all I think I need to say.

I don't know anything whatever about the person behind patio11 but, from everything I know about patio11, I sure would want to know that person. Thanks for your always-perceptive and intelligent contributions to this site.

That's a lot more of a response than you owed to anyone, and also a lot more graceful than the one that would have come from me had I been the object of this debacle.

I'm happy for you. Seriously.

Extrinsic objects like money can't replace the hollowness inside most of us. It can't fill our lives with some sort of magical glow that makes everything go away. Nothing can do that. Not people. Not cats. Not computers. Not even code.

It's just who you are and how you actualize yourself that truly matters. Personally, I don't care how deep your pockets are. I would still love to spend hours upon hours learning from you. Yet again I already have. :) (trust me your comments are worth an entire book alone).

All I can say is that your writing and insight makes my life a lot better. Thanks.

You should drop by Silicon Valley so I can get you a beer.

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