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I can't believe you can be this naive. Your arguments basically boil down to "the state can be trusted".

Basic dependencies of your argument: the police force will never abuse surveillance, then not make a court case out of it.

Second basic dependency of your argument: the court will easily rule against the very forces they depend on if they find violations.

These are reports German police officers that got caught, shall we say, being VERY untrustworthy:








So I feel like I've provided plenty of evidence that the police cannot be trusted to act correctly, or even just sane. The German police, clearly, is no exception to this rule. Therefore Germany trusting them to do the right thing is just hiding abuse, not preventing it.

You also left the question unanswered: if tapping is so correctly and justly done, then why does it need to be such a big secret ? There is a case to be made that, sometimes, it needs to be kept secret DURING an investigation, but why afterwards ? In many cases, even that is not necessary, when for instance following or tracing someone who was brought in to the police station, it seems to me like there is no reason whatsoever to keep it a secret that the police reads his mail/call logs/... Why do they want this perpetual secrecy, if not to hide abuse ?

The answer is very simple: because Germany hires neonazis, cannibals, violent bullies and worse into their police force, and police officers like those are also trusted with tapping people's conversations.

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