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Oncue | oncue.co | Lead Engineer | On-site, full-time | Oakland, CA | $135K-$150K 0.3-0.4% equity

We’re a funded startup solving real-life business problems for an industry that impacts millions each year - moving. In the process, we’re building an amazing and much-loved product and service that is transforming what is today a pen-and-paper experience for businesses. We're also changing the consumer moving experience through our platform.

We have paying customers and are rapidly adding new!

Our stack is RoR, React, and Postgres. We're an engineering team of three and are looking for our first Lead Engineer who wants to join the early stage of a startup that has proven product-market fit.

We're highly flexible with how you want to work and believe and trust our people that they'll figure out what works best for them.

Check the position out at https://angel.co/oncue/jobs

Reach out to me at vineet[at]oncue dot co if you're interested.

Our interview process is quite unique as well. This should tell you more https://twitter.com/vinthanedar/status/991149057555906560

-Vineet, Co-founder and Head of Product & Eng

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