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AI Grant | Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | REMOTE/ONSITE | aigrant.org

AI Grant is an AI research lab. Our goal is to invest in promising people around the world working on AI. We think the world is filled with extraordinarily productive people that don't come from a traditional background. We're making software that screens for them and supports them with a community. We're a very small team. We'll remain small for a long time. We're looking for a generalist who can build web and mobile products without much detailed guidance. ML experience a plus.

Lack of a credentialed resume is fine. The only thing we'll be looking for is experience building lots of stuff. Even a bunch of side-projects on Github. We like working with people on-site, but we're happy to start remote if there's a path towards eventual relocation.

Just email us to apply: team@aigrant.org. Include your resume and an example of something you built that you’re proud of.

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