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Tyro (www.tyro.com) | DevOps/SRE | Sydney, Australia | Full-time | Onsite, Visa

Tyro delivers next generation cloud-based, integrated and mobile payments, deposits and lending banking solutions to Australia’s small and medium enterprises. In November 2015 we raised $100 million to grow and keep building for our 25,000+ customers. We're the first technology company to become a banking institution in Australia and our environment is changing constantly as we grow.

My tribe is looking for people with DevOps/SRE skillsets to join cross-functional teams and help evolve core technology offerings. You will be helping to build and run secure cloud-native application/data platforms centered around technologies like Kubernetes, Kafka, Service Mesh and Serverless. Your belief and dedication to an 'automate everything' approach combined with your outgoing consultative nature will be invaluable in managing the journey of on-boarding our product engineering teams to these platforms efficiently.

We're open to sponsoring visas for exceptional candidates.

Why not take our fun Docker-based challenge if you're interested (or just want a challenge)? It's themed on classical capture the flag hacker games and will exercise some of your Docker, Linux and web debugging skills, as well as a fair mount of lateral thinking! There's a webform at the end where you can leave your details and we won't contact you unless you tell us to.

$ docker run tyro/challenge

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