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Lime (Previously Limebike) | Software Engineer / Fullstack / Mobile / Data Scientist / Data Engineer / Data Analyst / DevOps Engineer | FULL-TIME/INTERNS/VISA | SAN MATEO, CA | ONSITE

About Us


Lime is a technology company that is changing how people get from point A to B via our fleet of shared Lime-S electric scooters and Lime-E e-assist bikes. We're empowering our communities with new mobility options that are clean, affordable, and a ton of fun!

We are constantly looking for driven, smart, passionate people who want to join forces with us in our mission to make scooters and bicycles the most popular model of transportation. If you are passionate about urban mobility, environmental sustainability, marketplaces, behavior change, or leveraging technology for good -- then you may be a perfect fit for our team.

Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, AWS, Java, Golang, React.js, MySQL, Snowflake.

To see a full list of positions, go to: https://jobs.lever.co/limebike (DM me if you don't see the positions in lever)

Applied for the Data Analyst role.

The Lever link doesn't seem to have any intern positions.

Just apply for the software engineer position.

Got it--I just submitted an application!

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