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EMBL Heidelberg | Python Developer | Heidelberg, Germany | Full-time, ONSITE, VISA

The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) is one of the highest ranked scientific research organisations worldwide. We are looking for an engineer to join the team which develops the ilastik toolkit. ilastik is an open source tool which allows users without image processing or machine learning expertise to train classifiers interactively, segment images, extract and classify features and track dividing objects. It is especially popular in the bioimage analysis community.

The profile we are looking for: - Python, especially its numerical libraries - C++ and bridges from Python to C++ - Enthusiasm for open source development - Good to have: Java knowledge, DevOps experience

What we offer: - A fun international work environment - A broad range of technological challenges, from web development to machine learning - Help with visas and relocation

Apply online at: https://www.embl.de/jobs/searchjobs/index.php?ref=HD_01306&n...

Questions? e-mail anna.kreshuk@embl.de

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