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As already pointed out, if he was really thinking about Patrick he'd have emailed him the advice rather making a huge blog post about it.

Hey but what a way to raise your own visibility by pushing down on someone else. Tragedy indeed.

Not if you think the advice is worthwhile to others as well. There's no reason to assume shady ulterior motives when there is a perfectly simple explanation: it's just an error of judgement.

Ultimately such a critique implies that the author is an authority figure qualified to give such a critique. It's really hard to see it as anything but self-promotion, especially when done so visibly.

OK, point taken. It might have been more difficult, but it could definitely have been possible to give him a strong endorsement without the rest of the post. Then he could have sent Patrick an email with the rest, indicating that the blog post might be a good reference.

"if he was really thinking about Patrick he'd have emailed him the advice"

Well part of the post was telling the public that Patrick would be a bargain to hire at a $200,000 salary. That specific part works better in a public post.

Somebody offering a $200K salary should better find out himself whether a person is worth that much rather than from a random guy on the internet

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