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> Does anyone else find this kind of "analysis" of a fellow HN member creepy?

Yep. If it were me I'd feel highly uncomfortable.

It seems to come with the territory though, the more visible you are the more stuff like this you can expect.

> I don't know if this is a cultural thing, (not a US citizen, the majority of HN's readership seems to be) but I found the whole blog post weird and highly distasteful. The author comes across as a borderline stalker. Slimy.

I think the post is actually with the best of intentions but completely fails in two important aspects:

  (1) I don't get the impression Patrick was asked if this was ok with him

  (2) It is a huge post based on a single line in a comment
      which talks about Patricks achievements to date, and
      talks about him as though that's going to be his lot
      in life.

Completely agree. I don't imagine anyone here would like to be analysed by a blogger to such degree, especially based on one of hand comment. The article reads like a hit piece and the sort of outing that caused _why to remove all of his projects and writings from the net. The fallacy the author committed was trying to compare apples and oranges to dollars and cents, comparing a salary amount to a life choice, comparing success to revenue.

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