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NanoVMs | Senior Software Engineer && Kernel Engineer | ONSITE | $100k - $200k | Full-time | https://www.nanovms.com

Ready to hack unikernel infrastructure? Unikernels are widely considered the cloud of the future and we have large paying customers utilizing them in production right now.

Politicians talk about re-building bridges and roads but no one discusses the mess of what software infrastructure is today or the fact that is largely built by systems designed over 40 years ago. It's time to fix that.

The software stack today is completely ludicrous - please help us fix it.

We need both Go Engineers && Kernel Engineers. Whether it's hacking DMA drivers or figuring out what needs to be tweak to scale more than 2000 VMs on a single server we got really nice meaty engineering problems for you to solve. We're currently a small team of highly technical engineers complemented by a highly effective sales team.

We have a large existing Go codebase along with a growing base of C/ASM. Other languages you might find in our codebase - rust/lua.

The opportunity to level up your game is extreme as we are going off the deep end on the technical front.

We are looking for really smart driven engineers - eg: ones that can take charge and code like the wind.

We have quite a few really interesting secret projects going on right now - would love to tell you more when we chat.

We are all on-site in our Townsend office in SF, CA. We currently aren't doing remote. We're customer driven by engineering led.

We run traditional interviews.

Please email ian / nanovms.com and secure your spot in the systems company you always wanted to work in.

I'm sorry to ask but what do traditional interviews mean? Whiteboard coding? I saw it a lot around different posts here but I'm not sure

yes - specifically questions on computer science fundamentals - considering the work we do (osdev) it's extremely important and I can point at many places in our codebase where they pop up and we have to implement ourselves

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