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Interdax | Blockchain Engineer, Senior Security Engineer | London | REMOTE | Full-time | www.interdax.com

Interdax is building a 3rd generation digital asset exchange. Our engineering team comes from top HFTs and exchanges like Nasdaq and NYSE, as well as from well known firms in the blockchain space.

We are self-funded and we have a promising prototype with unparalleled performance. Our matching engine can process a whole busy day of trading (24h in other crypto exchanges) in less than 30 seconds. Now seeking world-class Blockchain and Security engineers for auditing and testing the platform. ​

What we offer:

   Competitive Salary ($180k-$250k / year)

   Profit Sharing (0.5 - 1.5%)

   Remote friendly

   Flexible work hours

   Unlimited Vacation Policy

   Startup culture

   Team getaways

   Like-minded peers passionate about building challenging technology

What we seek:

Blockchain Engineers: Crypto, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, DEX Architecture

Senior Security Engineers: OpSec, DevSecOps, Microservice security, AppSec, Pentesting, Code audit, Crypto ​

You can send your resume to careers@interdax.com with links to your linkedin or github

What does Blockchain Engineer do? Like implementing blockchain from scratch, or working on existing implementations? (Bitcoin, Ethereum) doing what? Fixing bugs mentioned in their issue tracker? Please elaborate what's the work day looks for such developer.

Hi, not lordnacho but I’m one of Interdax’s eng leads.

Mostly is about working on existing implementations but a deep understanding of how blockchains work is required. We’re looking for someone who can help to review and add new cryptos (for building trading pairs), work with the exchange wallets and continuously track, evaluate and solve potential issues derived from bugs/vulns that appear from time to time in some cryptocurrencies.

We’ve got the process already quite streamlined so it’s more about optimising it and have more eyes reviewing internal and external code bases. Also experience with DEX architectures is a bonus (but not strictly necessary)

I have the same question but just to know what a "Blockchain Engineer" does.

Does remote friendly actually mean fully remote?

Hi Claudio, yes, it means that the positions can be fully remote.

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