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Wellth | Lead Engineer | Venice, CA | Onsite / Remote | Full-time

Wellth (https://wellthapp.com/) helps patients stay healthy after they leave the hospital by rewarding them for taking their medications and taking good care of themselves. We're funded by large insurers and healthcare VCs, and our mobile apps have shown great results in clinical populations with diabetes, heart failure, or heart attack discharges. We love hearing from our users how the app has changed their lives for the better!

We're based in Brooklyn currently, but moving part of the team to the Los Angeles area (probably Venice or Santa Monica) in a few months. We're looking for a great Lead Engineer who can contribute to all areas of our stack, mentor junior developers, and help whip our engineering processes into even better shape in tandem with our CTO. Looking to hire anytime in the next few months, with the possibility of starting remote until we move to LA.

We're React Native for our mobile apps (iOS and Android), React for our admin dashboard, with Apollo and GraphQL for both, connected to a Node.js backend with Postgres / Postgraphile, deployed to a HIPAA-compliant PaaS. The current product team is two mobile engineers, one web engineer, a designer, and the CTO who does back-end and AI work.

Come help us build awesome, engaging applications that help patients stay healthy and lower the healthcare cost burden in the US!

Apply at https://angel.co/wellth/jobs/368903-lead-engineer, or email alec@wellthapp.com

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