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Ubisoft Massive | Site Reliability Engineer (Infrastructure Engineer) | Malmo, SE | Onsite, Relocation/VISA offered http://www.massive.se

My team is looking for an automation focused individual to help us release AAA games with the highest possible reliability, while supporting the needs of the adjacent programming squad.

Our team is comprised of classicly trained sysadmins who have always had a brush with automation, we work very closely with C++ programmers so experience or willingness is helpful.

Our stack is mostly comprised of Saltstack+Python, an ideal candidate would have enough Python experience to be able to investigate with us and fix bugs with us in saltstack. We also deal with Windows and FreeBSD, but knowledge in those things is not paramount, typically we look for expertise in practical use of systems and infrastructure, concepts that go beyond the implementation of a single OS.

A full Jobspec is here: https://www.massive.se/job/online-infrastructure-engineer-74...

We have many other open positions for C++ programmers, Animators, Data Managers: https://www.massive.se/career/ each offers a relocation package and an additional VISA if required.

if you're interested in the role I am posting about and do not want to apply the usual way you can email me at jan.harasym@massive.se - I will be happy to file it for you.

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