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SharpSpring | Full Time | Software Engineer | Gainesville, FL | https://sharpspring.com | 70K-110K DOE

SharpSpring is a marketing automation company that helps our customers engage with their contacts. Our service consists of an email editor, social platform, CRM, sales monitoring, website analytics, landing page editor, website forms, and email delivery. We are working on building an amazing team (currently at 150 people) with a main office in downtown Gainesville, FL. There is lots of challenging work ahead as we grow, scale and overcome new challenges. We have a good mix of autonomy and teamwork with a candid/friendly culture.

Just some of the things you'd get to work with here: React, Golang, PHP, Docker + Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform, GraphQL, Redis, MongoDB and MySQL.

Apply at https://careers.sharpspring.com/careers-list/#category=devel... or send your resume to careers at sharpspring.com

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