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Pex | Multiple Positions | Downtown, Los Angeles | ONSITE, FULL-TIME | Salary $110k+ & Equity | https://pex.com

Pex is an audio-visual search engine, that uses the content as a base for its search (think of Google Image Search). We operate at a pretty large scale (https://cloud.google.com/customers/pex/ & https://www.citusdata.com/customers/pex)

We're looking for skilled senior developers (C/C++, Go, Java), machine learning and signal processing engineers. We offer 30 days of paid vacation, fully covered health benefits (gold/platinum plan), commuter benefits, cover costs of visiting conferences, and more.

Our interview process is pretty straight forward: 1) phone interview - ~30 minutes 2) coding assignment - ~1 hour [you do it at home, on your own time] 3) on site - ~3 hours [no whiteboard coding, just friendly discussion with some of our engineers and the leadership] 4) offer

If you want to learn more, reach out directly to me at r@pex.com

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