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Starsky Robotics (YC S16) | Electrical Engineer, Perception, Gen. Software Engineer, ML Engineer, Test Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Onsite | Full-time We're working to make trucks autonomous on the highway and remote controlled by experienced drivers for the first and last mile. Our self driving trucks will make roads safer while giving drivers meaningful work close to their homes and families. Looking for:

- Gen software engineering (Platform team) - C++ expertise

- Controls Engineer

- Behavior Planning Engineer (Machine Learning & Data Science combo)

- Perception Engineeer, Machine Learning Engineer

- SW Engineer - Test (SF): Testing Infrastructure & Automation

- Field Test Engineer Florida: 50% software 50% hardware, Miami/Fort Lauderdale area

- "Full Stack" Truck Tech Engineer: Help scale our trucking operations in any way possible. In charge of product discovery, development, deployment, and design for our trucking business.

- Internship (SW or EE): On a limited basis, we are open to extremely talented internship candidates. In addition to a resume, attach anything that will show us that you’re exceptional (non-school projects, side-businesses, etc).

We currently run our trucks autonomously on the highway, with freight. We are looking for awesome engineers who are comfortable working on a scrappy, driven engineering team. The team takes an extremely active role in the development and testing of Starsky Trucks on highways across the US.

We use Python, C++, and lots of bash scripting. We are a group of PhDs, masters, bachelors, college dropouts, and high school interns all working together. No matter your experience, we're looking for intelligent folks who have a history of diving excitedly into new fields. Able to sponsor all visas. All positions non-remote unless otherwise specified.

Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/starskyrobotics/

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