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Trivium Real Estate | Frontend and Devops | London | Full-time | ONSITE | 50-75k + equity doe

We're a 6 person, investor-backed data-mining startup for the commercial real estate industry; we're making data entry jobs less painful. Our MVP is moments away from launching and customers are queuing to take it for a spin. As such, we're growing our team to tackle the challenges ahead.

What about the team? We have a high emphasis on continual learning. If you're not learning something new on the job its time for a new one. Our tech stack reflects this; Haskell and Elm are the main languages. We don't mind if its your first exposure to either. We're not afraid of experimenting or making mistakes. The most important quality of anyone on our team is their ability to learn and teach.

We're hiring:

1. Junior Front End Engineers 2. Mid-senior front end engineers. 3. devops/infrastructure engineers.

Contact info in profile.

Hi, I'm currently interning with Bloc's Engineering team and helping build features for their online education platform. I have passion for constant learning, I have done a course on Full Stack Web Development at Bloc and before that have extensive experience as Hardware Engineer in Microcontroller industry. I'm a passionate mom, I took a break to raise kids and now that they are old enough I reskilled my self in Web Development and gotten back to working. I'm thoroughly enjoying improving Bloc's online education platform and learning so much on the way. I look forward to sharing my experience. Email id: meghana1602@gmail.com Best, Meghana

hi! thanks for contacting me. Why not send me your cv and other info ? my contact info is in my profile.

sounds great, could you sponsor work visas?

alas, we cannot.

apologies for the slow response - I hadn't noticed you replied via thread until now!

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