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Ommo Technologies, Inc. | Electrical and Systems Engineer | Dallas, TX | Full Time | Salary + Equity | www.ommo.co

At Ommo Technologies, Inc., we are building a personal and mobile 3D position tracking system from the ground up that does NOT use cameras or IMUs. We developed a tracking system that achieves sub-millimeter level precision, mobile form factor, and no line of sight requirement. We imagine a world where our interaction with digital objects in virtual reality and augmented reality are as natural and intuitive as with real objects.

Seed funded by VC specializing in VR technology, Ex-Apple/Samsung/Intel/Huawei/Riot Games Team of 5 currently

We are looking for an Electrical and Systems Engineer with following qualifications - Able to quickly spin up PCB models and schematics (Benchmark: a couple of hours for a sensor board) - Work with PCB components and vendors to solve electrical & system integration related issues - Design/test/prototype RF/Wireless hardware designs and associated firmware

We are a small team and looking for a core team member who will help guide the direction of the company to meet long-term challenges. If you believe you have the experience and understanding of the full stack with a desire to grow into a potential engineering leadership role, please apply at https://www.ommo.co/career/#career1

Ask questions: kyul@ommo.co

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