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PolicyStat | Full-Stack Python+Django Software Engineer | Indianapolis, Vancouver, or REMOTE | Full Time | +$80k

PolicyStat's mission is to improve healthcare delivery through better processes. We help our clients make their policies and procedures easier to find, access, and manage.

As a critical member of our small product team, you'll assume several roles including front-end, back-end, on-call support, API design, architecture, devops and database engineering.

Full description + Apply here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IzGRolB036r89XAs3NK9A1_J...

Some exciting things we're doing now that you can help with:

- Full product/site mobile-first redesign using React

- Switching from Python 2.7 to Python 3

Interview Process:

1. Application review.

2. Complete a small timed work sample (no more than 45 minutes) in Python designed to represent what your day to day work would look like.

3. Conversation with the Product team lead.

4. Complete a timed work sample project (no more than 4 hours) that is representative of the kind of projects you'll be working on.

5. On-site (or remote) culture conversation with the team + face to face interviews.

> Interview Process:

It is nice to see interview process spelled out in exact steps, it speaks for company clarity culture and it will unwind cognitive load on the candidate ..

Google docs job desc is nice add-on to give job details instead of all pasting in job post

It's also telling that a mid-level Engineering role makes you step through this many hoops for $80K/yr. Or that the refer to that as "market rate".

$80k/yr is market for a starter mid-level position in Indianapolis. However, most of the city's talent is C# and JavaScript.

ETA: that's probably the most rigorous interview process I've seen in Indy and seems a bit extra for anything other than a lead.

For us, $80k is regarded as the entry-level starting base. A mid-level that makes it through our process has a much higher starting base.

They say "market-based". It sounds like $80K in Indianapolis or the equivalent in your city.

While also slipping "on-call support" in there too

For what it's worth: The on-call support role is a 1-week obligation that rotates between all of the engineers on the team. As our sixth engineer, each engineer would only be on-call once every 6 weeks.

The role itself consist of being the:

- primary PagerDuty contact for server and application alerts and errors,

- primary contact for our dedicated support team to ask questions and triage new issues,

- primary code reviewer

Note that we do have a dedicated support team that answers emails and calls from our customer base. The on-call engineer is not responsible for that.

Hey, Do you have any positions for recent grads?

We hired a recent grad a few months ago into this same role. Please apply above.

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