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Education First, EF Class | London, UK | FULL-TIME | ONSITE or REMOTE | Backend Developer, Devops

We're a small startup-like team in a big company, building an iOS/Web app to teach English in public schools. Our app has been live for a couple of years now and we're expanding across Europe.

Our backend stack is AWS-based with lots of python and some golang. We're in the process of moving from EC2 pet servers to docker containers, we've deployed a few AWS Lambda already and are in the process of shipping our first AppSync API.

We're looking to expand our technical team with Backend Developers and Devops.

Here are some job ads and feel free to reach out to me with any questions: https://careers.ef.com/job/oVpT6fw3/ https://careers.ef.com/job/odt86fwE/

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