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And why is that mahmud? Because most developers, by a HUGE margin, wanted to this in VB. And in VB hosting COM controls in your app was super simple.

What I send to see are two classes of MS developers: 1) Those who use the MS stack, but realize they're using tools that they build with and on. 2) Those who use the MS stack, but get stuck thinking that it is the only tool available, period.

The second group of developers sometimes gets an epiphany when they change to a non-MS stack, because its so clearly obvious in the non-MS world that there is no stack that is convincingly better than any other. Group two expresses their outrage at the MS stack. While group one is mystified that they ever thought the MS stack is the end all be all.

Here's a hint as to how to find them ahead of time. Go talk to the guy who does .NET development today and ask what his favorite third-party controls are. If he has none and says, "I only use MS out the box controls" then this person will eventually become part of second group.

That diagnosis about the second group fits me to a T. 100% correct you are, Sir.

I have been a programmer longer, mostly cracking games and writing x86 asm and DOS stuff with Turbo C; but I became a developer on Microsoft's platform and under their auspices.

After Microsoft, I went through a few years of insane productivity and deep, god-level hacking. I have chronicled those stories else on HN. Here is one:


After I found "success" elsewhere as a programmer. When I finally saw a product of mine being used, shipped, bought, deployed. When I started seeing bug-reports, requests for bulk prices, discounts, and yes, piracy. That's when I made peace with Microsoft and went back to using Windows. I am typing this on XP.

They're an OK company with an OK platform, just not when you're young and impressionable. Beware of the bastards and use portable, 3rd party libraries.

I am done with this thread ..

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