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LINQ to SQL was killed. IronRuby is terrible. Constantly evolving C# syntax is not inherently a good thing.

As contextfree says, Linq2Sql is an ORM and Linq is really a set of a few technologies (expression trees, lambdas, anonymous types) originally created FOR Linq2Sql but now used all over the place.

An example of non-L2S use of Linq to sort an array of objects:

  //array of dogs
  var dogs = new[]{
    new Dog{Name = "Bowser", Age = 1, Gender = "M"},
    new Dog{Name = "Yoshi", Age = 2, Gender = "M"},
    new Dog{Name = "Molly", Age = 2, Gender = "F"}

  //get all male dogs ordered from oldest to youngest
  var dogs2 = dogs.Where(dog=> dog.Gender == "M").OrderByDescending(dog=> dog.Age);
No database access involved.

LINQ isn't the same as LINQ to SQL, which is an ORM written on top of the LINQ interfaces. Other ORMs like Entity Framework also use the LINQ interfaces.

C# is evolving, it's not just randomly, breaking-ly changing. It is a good thing.

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