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There are colleges teaching .NET? I'd never heard of that.

There is a college here that starts you out with VB.Net, in the CS track, no less. They learn C++ the semester after that. I wish they would just drop VB.Net and start with C++ then let them take an elective with C# or something...

Massey University's (massey.ac.nz) introductory computer science papers are all in C#/.Net. I found this surprising as well.

It isn't the first thing they teach you at Purdue but a sizable chunk of CS and CIT students learn C#/.NET

I remember meeting someone who said "oh yes, we did assembler in our course" - upon being questioned they had been doing .Net CLR instructions.

So much for the 6502 assembler I grew up with :-|

Interesting. In my CS degree ('08) the languages used in the few classes that involved actual programming were: C++, Scheme, Prolog, Python and Java. Never anything that would require proprietary software like Visual Studio.

Consider yourself lucky.

A CS degree is not where you learn "market skills". It's where you learn to build the stuff that will define what "market skills" are.

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