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The classic book "Joy of Cooking" is kind of recursive like this.

If you want to make a Reuben Sandwich, you turn to p. 272, and describes the bread, meat, cheese, and sauerkraut. Then it says to spread it with Russian Dressing and points you at p. 364 for that.

The Russian Dressing recipe includes horseradish and grated onion. It also includes Mayonnaise, and for that it points you at p. 363. Another ingredient for Russian dressing is either Chili Sauce or Catsup, and for each of those it points you to p. 847.

On p. 363, there are several paragraphs about Mayonnaise, and 3 recipes for hand-beaten, mixer, and blender versions.

On p. 847, neither the Chili Sauce nor Tomato Catsup recipes have any sub-recipes, but both of them point you to p. 841 for information about Pickling Equipment and Ingredients and they also both point you to p. 804 for a procedure for sealing sterile jars in boiling water.

The jar-sealing procedure on p. 804 points you to p. 165 for an illustration of a tool for lifting jars out of boiling water.

The pickling section on p. 841 mentions that water should be soft and refers to p. 519, the About Water section under Know Your Ingredients which discusses filtration among other things. It also mentions you should only use pickling or dairy salt, and refers you to About Salt on p. 568. And finally it mentions when pickling, you might want to used the Spiced Vinegar recipe on p. 527.

An Australian equivalent is Stephanie Alexander's The Cook's Companion. Almost every ingredient has a "goes with" list that makes it a great starting point when you have something to use up or that you've picked in the garden.


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