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I made this for fun with React and Go, its open-source if you want to hack it yourself. [1]

I was inspired by the book "Make the Bread, Buy the Butter" by Jennifer Reese. I tried to continue the idea to see how much money+time it costs to continually substitute an ingredient for the recipe of that ingredient.

Sorry for the ads - I use them to make back the $ spent on the domain :). I just toned them down.

Please let me know if there are any other suggestions!

[1]: https://github.com/schollz/recursive-recipes

I know the first pull request I'm going to do for this one. Chicken and Egg goes on indefinitely.

Fun, and the absurdity puts things in perspective.

Minor suggestions:

* Allow currency change (e.g. EUR instead of USD)

* Use + and - signs or green and red colors when hovering over the ingredients to show if money can be saved or not. Also put the amount of time in a different font size or color. (Site is very minimalist though which is great).

* Explain sources for price calculation (I'm skeptic about some, and curious who its based for).

Great suggestions. There are actually sources for the price calculations but I wasn't sure yet how to display them, or if they were wanted. If you want them then someone else probably does too so I can add that.

Make the Bread, Buy the Butter

Not having read the book, I'm guessing it mostly breaks along the lines of perishability? E.g. bread lasts a few weeks, butter lasts a year.

Perishability is a factor. Other factors are start-up cost (e.g. chickens require building a coop), time, and preferred taste (some things just taste better from a store and some are better homemade).

The book is more of a fun read. There's some funny anecdotes about trying to raise bees and chickens.

Awesome project. I'm a bit obsessed with making food from scratch. I love to see how far down the rabbit hole I can go.

I really enjoyed the design of the site. Thanks for sharing!

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