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It took far too long to load, poor ux.

It's 5.5 MB worth of small images. The author has used PNGs while he should have used JPGs, compressed them badly and coded it so that they all loaded at once. Poor user experience is often result of poor engineering practices.

edit: also, the CV page won't load in my browser because of the broken markup. Not the best way to attract employers, if you asked me.

There are almost as many issues as there are lines of markup.


If his prospective employers were looking for coding skill, I'd agree - but he's not a coder.

To be honest, I didn't bother to check. The broken CV page successfully repelled me.

Specifically, it fails the very simplest thing in web UX, making the mouse cursor change to the "hand" pointer to indicate that it's clickable.

It's a cute little story, though. I'll give him that much.

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